Authentic Gaming Software Review

Authentic Gaming Live casino brings real table action to online table gamblers around the world. Based just off the main casino strip in Malta, this site live-streams live casino tables from various locations around the world. Totally authentic casino floors let users play their most prized games in a familiar environment, freeing gamblers from the frustration of misplays which has plagued online gaming in the past. Instead, Authentic Gaming gives users the opportunity to play classic games while providing bet history and stats on numbers drawn. A lot of competing online casinos will feature closed room games whereas Authentic gaming gives a full range of view of multiple live tables and dealers. The betting interface then overlays the live-stream in the bottom part of the screen making for convenient and easy to understand betting.

Authentic Gaming Live Casino

Authentic Gaming Online Casino experiences are unique because the site features live-action betting which also accommodates the online action of online players. In working agreements with the actual casinos, the live dealer casino action and croupier services are assuredly authentic. But, what makes this site truly unique are the VIP services. The company offers the option for partners to offer VIP cruises, tournaments, private areas, and VIP player development sessions at luxurious resorts around the world. VIP gambling areas can use Authentic Gaming to live-stream the most luxurious casino floors from around the world. Even the online experience is VIP focused, providing hot/cold number history and wheel stats for betting.

Roulette Original

Live dealer casino play from Authentic Gaming offers a classic Roulette game featuring the standard betting scheme found in every casino around the world. Players can bet Red/Black, Even/Odd, Rows, and Numbers before the time limit call and allowed bets range from 20 cents to 5000 USD. Players place bets on a very simple applet which allows for adjusted bet levels and quick bet placement as time runs out before the betting closes. The company prides itself on its application to mobile technology. This means that they have employed software with very few delays and generally zero flicker on wheel spins, although some colouration issues may occur for certain bandwidth users on a live-stream of a fast moving wheel.

The site offers numerous variations of the Roulette game and, it should be noted, specializes solely in Roulette. It is assumed that Roulette is a live game which could be suspect to cheating, so the technology of live-streaming live games fits perfectly with Roulette. Players choose from Roulette Turbo, Roulette Superior, Orignal Roulette, Roulette Professional, and Roulette Double Wheel providing gaming options for any game-type. The croupier is completely authentic and players are able to live-chat on certain games. However, due to the nature of casino gambling, VIP gaming is generally without chat.

Roulette Double Wheel

Play live casino online Roulette Double Wheel is for when a player seeks quick, heavy bets on live-action wheels. For those gamblers who seek chip heavy spreads, Authentic Gaming’s Double Wheel Roulette features two American style, 38 number wheels and 2000 daily spins. This game also features a higher win ratio per bet. Online betting features the added benefit of specialized buttons such as Undo, Favourite Bet, and Auto-Bet so players can set betting patterns and strategies for repeated play. Once the wheels stop, the croupier calls the numbers out to the casino floor, bets are settled, and the next round begins.

UK casino sites have become more and more common, giving users a number of choices. As a result, the focus of sites has shifted from quantity to quality. Authentic Gaming is a premier example of this trend. Unlike a lot of sites, this site has zero animated gaming, other than the users betting board applet where they place the live casino bets. The casino then fields the bets in real time, just as if the tables had thousands of hands placing individual bets. The speed of the service is what makes this site such a high-quality experience because it is truly real time.

Roulette Professional

Live casino games often feature VIP zones, but Authentic Gaming has gone so fart s to actually bring a live VIP gaming area to users. Broadcast live from Italy, the VIP tables have a 1 USD minimum and a 2000 USD maximum bet, according to European style rules. The table angle features full view and croupiers are focused on clean table play and casino authenticity. Table talk and unnecessary reaching to place bets are frowned upon at VIP tables and users will find these croupiers particularly rules focused with high attention to detail. Online players enjoy clear rules statements, bet history, auto-betting, favourite bets and other online gaming features.

A very useful feature to this version is the ability to save bet types. That means you can play bet placements which you played in the past on whatever spin you choose if you saved the pattern. As these VIP tables are played in European rules, certain players may find it useful to review the game card which will state all rules and table standards in complete detail. This will be particularly important in understanding the betting process. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Finale En Plein (numbers which end in a certain number) and Finales a Cheval (numbers which correspond to your chosen two numbers) bets.

Live Casino Roulette Anytime, Anywhere

By focusing solely on live Roulette games which live-stream from casino’s around the world, Authentic Gaming has discovered a new way to keep the trust of online players. Not only does the site bring live professional expertise, they also ensure that a user could prove that the game is trustworthy. This allows the site to exceed many digitally animated Roulette games in which the game is actually just a computer program. For many users, this is very important because they have always wondered about the ethical standards of animated online games

Authentic Gaming works with casinos to live-stream table games by plugging-in user bets via live-feed technology. In doing so, it is is a well-placed business model in the online gaming industry. The site allows users to make their bets via a very simple and easy-to-understand online betting platform and yet see real Roulette balls roll in real time. The only downside to the Authentic Gaming experience is that croupiers (dealers) are not focusing on their online clients. As a result, some online players may find the action a bit dull. On the other hand, it is a completely authentic experience.