Live blackjack casino gaming is virtually sitting at a casino and playing the game. Online live blackjack involves a live stream video where players join other players and a dealer right from their devices. The whole experience is as real as it could get, real dealers, real money and a direct chat which depending on the software developers could be a clear audio.

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Live Blackjack Platforms

Online casinos offer an array of mobile live blackjack variations. The live blackjack stream is of high quality and the casinos ensure that their house edges are far lower than those at brick and mortar casinos and even let their players access live blackjack online free. Being one of the latest advancements in the industry, software developers are literally flooded in the creation of the live games. These include Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Extreme Live Gaming, Lucky Streak, Wirex, Visionary iGaming and Medialive. The question is never whether you will find one to play, the question and choice is ever which one to play.

How To Play Live Blackjack

Understanding live blackjack is fun and easy, first you need to register at an online casino if you haven’t and can start with the live blackjack no deposit bonus as a trial. About the screen layout, The bottom half of the screen constitute mostly of the player interface overlying the table in use by the game’s dealer. On each table there are seven spots for seated players. To place a bet players click on the desired chip that then appear on their respective spots. When it is time to decide on blackjack with live dealers, a visual menu pops up at he screen’s bottom showing the appropriate available options.

Now to the actual playing of live blackjack real money, as the window loads you are supposed to select your seat by clicking on the available sitting positions. Directly below the table is the chip options where you pick. When the dealer says no more bets, or betting is closed, she then deals cards to the active players and to herself too. Your next choice is whether to stand, split, Hit or double, and with that in the know, you can basically play live blackjack online.

Live Blackjack Features

Like all other mobile games, there is a live blackjack bonus that depends on the casino you choose to play on. The bonuses include the no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses and even specific ones in casinos that have just added a live gaming platform. There are a horde of features to enjoy at live blackjack online UK sites. If the tables are full or you simply want to, players can opt to play behind a seated player just like at a land based casino. There’s also a multi-play option where players can play a number of tables simultaneously. There is also a Play-check option that lets you keep track of your betting to help your manage your bankroll.

Top Live Blackjack Variants

  • Classic Blackjack
  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • Double Exposure Blackjack

Live Blackjack FAQ

Is it possible to play multiple hands in live Blackjack?

A number of the live Blackjack variants allow players to play more than a single hand at the table. Essentially, the bets have a higher cost since players have to make bets on all the hands they play but it also increases your chances of winning. depending on the software creator of the live dealer blackjack, play could play at most two hands and as many as five from others

How fast should my internet connection be when streaming live?

Fast internet connection is very essential in mobile live blackjack. The best software providers develop HD quality for their videos, slower internet with lead to lags which interrupt the play. With fast internet, players get the whole casino ambiance and get lost in the game. You need to have a very fast internet connection like cable if you want a satisfying experience.

live casino blackjack with live dealers

How many decks are there in live Blackjack?

The number of decks played on a blackjack game depends on the game variation. To be able to access the variety, always choose the best live blackjack app that avails all the variants. Apart from single deck blackjack games, most of the other selections are played with at least six decks. Checking the number of decks before beginning to play is very important as it is key in adjusting your strategy

Live Dealer Blackjack In General

Online gaming was one of the best blessings to the gaming industry players get to a chance to play at home after a busy day at work without having to visit the casino. Live Blackjack on the other end was the tip of the icing. Playing Live Blackjack will give you that casino experience from wherever you are. Luckily, a huge chunk of software developers including Microgaming, NetEnt, among others have created their own live blackjack. So before settling on one, try them all.

The dawn of playing Blackjack online was quite impressive, with a bulk of players fully shifting to online gaming with the launch of live Blackjack. Players now enjoy live dealers, HD video streaming, and a chance to chat with the other players as they play. In order to make wins under the amazing ambience brought by this online experience, players need to understand all the live Blackjack tips.
live casinos blackjack playing tips

Blackjack is a vital part of the casino scene – a casino classic – and you can enjoy it at any registered online casino. Just like in a land based casino, with a live casino online, you’ll try to collect a hand with a value of as close to 21 as possible. Blackjack starts with you making a bet, after which you are dealt two cards face up and thereafter you’ve got different options.

Blackjack Online Guide

Step 1: How To Win Money On Blackjack

How to win money on Blackjack requires learning the basic strategy for hitting, doubling down, and splitting pairs can help you make money. Blackjack is played with standard 52-card decks, with each denomination given a point value. To win at Blackjack, learn how to count cards, build a bankroll and pick the right table. There are sites which show you how to take a deck of cards and to practice how to be a winner at Blackjack.

Step 2: Learning The Basics

With online blackjack, there is a minimum and maximum bet. With blackjack, 8 decks are used and the deck is shuffled after 10% of the cards are used. The dealer in live casino draws a card on soft 17. If the dealer has a 10, jack, queen or king as the up card, it is possible to have a blackjack. You can’t expect to win at Blackjack if you don’t know how to play. Simply review some essential elements such as knowing how the game is dealt and the values of the cards.

Step 3: Dealing With Hard/Soft Hand

With live blackjack tips, you will know what to do when you have a hard- or soft hand. You also need to know when you can split. Once you know a few basic rules you’ll be playing at less than a half of a % disadvantage to the house. Make sure to understand special table rules – learning which first 2 cards you can double down on and how many times you can do that.

live casinos how to win money on blackjack

Step 4: Know Your Limit

A live blackjack strategy requires finding a limit that you’re comfortable with. It goes without saying that you will make wiser, better decisions if you’re not worried about what you’re betting. Always decide in advance what you are willing to risk and remember that you’re always in control of how long you play. With online blackjack rules, during game-play, follow basic strategies to protect your chips and don’t use surrender except when you have a 15 against a 10, for instance.

Step 5: Strategise Based On Probability

When gambling, blackjack is a casino game where you have a good chance against the house. This casino game relies on strategising based on probability and not just luck. To improve your chances of winning at blackjack, as we’ve said, it is important to first get an idea on the basic strategies of playing your cards. With an online blackjack game, you can experience thrills when you face off against a live dealer, and by signing up with a casino, you can play free or with real money.

Summary How To Play Live BlackJack To Increase Your Odds of Winning

It’s a good idea to know that various casinos with blackjack games come with different rules. Most games make use of multiple decks of cards. The idea behind this is to discourage card counting. Most games require the dealer to stop at 17, even if it means the dealer losing. Blackjack can be a bit frustrating to learn at first, but with practice, you’ll find it amazingly enjoyable and discover ways on how to become a winner.


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Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack like many other casino games needs to be approached with the right strategy if you want if you want to record good wins. In fact, some Blackjack basic strategies have been tested and proved to reduce the casino’s edge to a paltry 0.5%.

If such strategies are followed aptly they can boost players statistical chances of beating the dealer. It is noteworthy that a strategy can provide basic guidelines but its absoluteness in terms of guaranteeing a win does not exist.

Strategy 1: Splitting The Cards

The Blackjack strategies that work efficiently will actually reduce the casino’s edge significantly. According to this strategy, when a dealer serves the player with a pair of 2 cards, he has the option of betting his wager or splitting the pair so that he has 2 separate hands against the dealer who has only 1. If a player gets a pair Kings, Queens, Jacks or even 10s this strategy suggests that he should compromise and let the dealer beat him

Strategy 2: Doubling Down Wagers

One can double his wagers with an eventual effect of doubling his winning potential. This is among the best Blackjack strategies to win big against the live casino. It argues that when your hand adds up to 11, you should double your wager. If your hand turns out to be 10, and the dealer’s hand is 10 or an Ace, you should take an extra card rather than double. However, if the dealer’s hand is below 10, the right move is to double your wagers.

Strategy 3: Blackjack Surrender

At some gaming houses, you will have an option of surrendering your play and benefit from halving of your losses after the deal. This is among the most applied Blackjack winning strategies. It is especially recommended if you have a poor hand and you can see the dealer’s hand is 10. There is an early surrender which can be done prior to player checking his hand while the late surrender is done after the dealer has checked the outcome of the hand.

live casinos blackjack strategies that work

Strategy 4: Blackjack Insurance

This is rather a Blackjack perfect strategy in which a player purchases insurance to insulate himself against a scenario where a player hits the natural 21. It is mostly recommended if you have a hand of 19 or 20 and the dealer has an Ace. This insurance is preceded by a set of Blackjack rules easy for any player. However, one needs to be careful as the strategy can result in a loss or the entire winding up coupled with a push.

Strategy 5: Hit Or Stand

This Blackjack strategy basic is primarily based on the Blackjack charts. According to this Blackjack strategy for beginners, you can increase your chances of winning based on what the dealer is showing. Whether to hit or stand depends on the dealer’s hand value. As such, the strategy recommends you stand whenever your hand is 17 irrespective of the dealer’s hand. If the dealer is showing a total of 7 or more you should hit

A Comprehensive Summary Of Expert Blackjack Strategies

Before delving into the details of the Blackjack strategy guide, it is important to note what the objects of the Blackjack moves are and what constitutes a win. As such, a winner is required to get a combination of natural 21 or something close to it. The blackjack strategies will always strive to assist you to get closer to this combination. Always learn about them and you could minimise the casino’s edge to your advantage.

Blackjack Tips

Tip 1: Shop Around For Promotions

This falls at the top of all Blackjack playing tips. Live casinos are always launching promotions for their live games. These offers and bonuses are important in boosting your bankroll, allowing you extra chances to play and win. The most important approach when looking for promotions is going through their wagering requirements and choosing the most favourable ones. Whether you are playing for fun or profit, using a good bonus offer is always a big plus.

Tip 2: A Table Whose Minimum Bet Suits Your Bankroll

A player requires discipline when playing live Blackjack, which is why you should never play at a table whose minimum bet does not favour your bankroll. One of the Blackjack tips and tricks used by skilled live players is always playing at tables with a minimum bet amount that is, at most, 5% of their bankroll amount. By doing this, players get a chance to last longer in the game.

Tip 3: Play One Hand At A Go

For strategic players using Blackjack tips online, it is of significance to never play multiple hands in the same round. In order to succeed with whichever strategy you choose to use, playing just one hand makes it easier to focus on it. Another live Blackjack hack is sitting, or in this case, picking the position that is farthest from where the dealer is. In such a position, you can observe the cards being played out more easily.

live casinos blackjack playing tips

Tip 4: Avoid Insurance

One of the rarest, but most essential, strategies amongst Blackjack gambling tips is never taking the insurance. Insurance at a bricks and mortar casino is quite the smart move if you are counting the cards. However, because live Blackjack uses various card decks, counting cards is very difficult. Due to this, insurance should be off the table, and this is one of the most valuable tricks from the Blackjack dealer tips.

Tip 5: Accept When It Is Time To Stop

The universal rule for all games, not just in Blackjack tips and rules, is planning when to stop playing. Blackjack tips for beginners always advise that you should never chase your losses. Some players find it hard to leave the table without a win, but sometimes luck is just not on your side. The same applies to winners. Once you have made several wins and the tables begin to turn, the safest move is to stop playing and not take more risks.

Conclusion On The Live Blackjack Tips And Strategies

Live Blackjack is fun, exciting and quite immersive. Beyond this, the experience could also be very rewarding for smart players, who follow the right tips and strategies. It is of great importance, however, for players to confirm the validity of an online casino before considering playing live. Always check whether they are licensed by the authorised gaming authorities. After that, you should organise some free games before you play live, ensuring that it will always be a good experience.