Playing at a live Craps table is one of the oldest and best online casino games. Beginners might find it a bit confusing or complicated at first, but they will soon start understanding the game, which is really quite easy. Online live Craps is also offered by most online casinos and is available in both downloadable and instant play versions.

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Play Live Craps On Mobile

Today, with the advent of mobile technology and gaming software, we can download and play a number of casino games such as live Craps, Roulette and Blackjack, from the comfort of our homes. Many software companies have developed and designed games which are fully compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. You can download them all for free, either from Google Play, the Apple Store or directly from the casino site. However, if you want to play mobile live Craps for real money, you will have to register with an online casino, and then download the game and play. Before that, try to get acquainted with the game by playing it for free in fun mode.

How To Play Live Craps

When you visit any online casino, you will more often than not, come across the Craps game. It is primarily based around rolling dice and then betting on the outcomes. Different kinds of bets and outcomes are possible in live Craps UK, such as single or double roll bets. The pay-out varies for the different possible outcomes and the bets that you place. If you are new to the game, it is advised that you play live Craps online free and practice before wagering any money. There is no need for you to sign-up or download the game to try it out, and it is a great way to get familiar with all the rules.

Some Craps strategies can keep your bets safe. The most important of them are the Pass bets, and the Don’t Pass bets. If you play live Craps online, a Pass bet is one in which you win if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, and lose if the outcome is 2, 3 or 12. For all other results, the outcome is established as a point number. If it comes before a 7 is rolled, the Pass bet wins, and vice-versa. The Don’t Pass bet is the exact opposite, except that if a 12 is rolled, it’s a standoff and nobody wins.

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Important Features Of Live Craps Game

There are certain important things you need to know before you start downloading or playing a real live Craps game. Many online casinos offer attractive features such as Welcome Bonuses, cash back, free top-up offers, free spins, etc. However, you need to verify the authenticity of the casino before you should actually go ahead and play for real money. For this, you may have to go through various reputed online review sites and then make an informed decision. Apart from the promotions that an online casino has to offer, you can also win big in the form of a live Craps bonus, when you start playing the game.

Top Online Craps Games

  • Crapless Craps
  • Open Craps
  • High Point Craps
  • New York Craps
  • Simplified Craps

Live Craps Online – FAQ’s

What’s the difference between online and live dealer Craps?

The major difference between the online and live dealer Craps games is the electric atmosphere and excitement. Playing on an actual Craps table with a live dealer is a real experience. In online craps, you can choose to play for free or keep practising till you get a feel of the game. This is not possible in Craps with a live dealer.

How good is the mobile live Craps?

Craps is a classic casino game which has a great history, and playing this game on mobile is just like bringing the old casino traditions back to life in your palms. Most mobile live Craps games have the same rules, are identical in structure and play well on all mobile devices. However, only a few online casinos offer the Craps’ mobile version, so shop around for the best promotions.

What are the advantages of the best live Craps app?

There are many advantages to the best live Craps app. Mobile Craps apps are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms for seamfree play. You can download the app from an online casino to play for real money, and after installation, you can start playing from anywhere you like. Also, with the mobile Crap app, you can have unlimited practice sessions, for free in fun mode, to get the feel of the game.

Craps Online Guide

Picking Up The Best Live Craps Online

Players looking for some real excitement and live action should consider playing Craps for real money. So, how do you choose an online casino that is reliable and safe? First of all, look for the reputation of the casino and make sure that it is licenced and regulated. Find out whether the gaming software is supported by a reputable company like NetEnt, RTG or Microgaming. If you get positive and satisfactory answers and have done your research, then go ahead and take a membership in the casino.

Craps is always fun to play, whether you are doing so at a landbased casino or a live casino online. However, it is easy to get lost in fun especially when immersed in the marvellous themes and ambience on online casino. This review contains well-detailed steps on how to play live craps to help players make money from home and new players join in the fun.

Step 1: Take Advantage of Any Available Bonuses

Before you can establish yourself as a good player, you will need a number of trials to help you learn how to win money on craps. It is much cheaper and convenient to gain this skill through free money play. Online casinos offer quite some bonuses even for live craps, like the no deposit bonus and welcome deposit bonuses. These are perfect for you to sharpen your skill in winning on craps and if you wish to use them to make a profit too, always check the wagering requirement.

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Step 2: Understand The Different Bets

Craps is still fun even when you stick to the simple bets, so if fun is your target, this may not affect you. However, if your goal is to make profits, it is of an essence to learn all the betting options available. Online craps especially, has a wider variety of betting options. Getting familiar with all the distinct wagers at your disposal helps you make a well-informed judgement on which of them you wish to use.

Step 3: Roll The Dice

Just like playing at a brick and mortar casino, live craps is a round game. The player making the roll is referred to as a shooter. Whether you are the shooter or not, all players must make a bet on the roll of dice. When you are the shooter. You will do so until you roll a seven in the wrong timing. One of the live craps tips is that you should take advantage of the chance allowed for you to skip rolling and pass to the next player.

Step 4: Observe The Totals

As per the online craps rules, only the totals are significant. All the numbers showing at the bottom of your screen are totals from both dice. For instance, rolling a three refers to landing a total of three across both dice. Simple as this may sound, understanding how totals work is a major live craps strategy especially for beginners. Especially since this directly influences and affects all the bets you make.

Step 5: Make The Pass Line Bet

The pass line bet is the main one in an online craps game. This bet is listed among the better bets in craps since it has a house edge (profit made by the casino) of 1.41% only. For you to make this bet, wait for the dealer to turn the puck to “OFF” which will mean that it is time for a new round. At this point, place your chips on the area marked Pass Line.

How To Play Live Craps At Online Casinos In Summary

If you have played craps at a land-based casino, then playing online will not be hard for you, once you learn what button does what, the rest flows naturally with an even better experience due to the convenience of playing from wherever you are at whatever time. Newbies should not shy off either since craps is a fun game to play and following the simple steps will get you in the know in no time.

Craps Strategy

Arguably, craps is one of the most exciting games in live online casinos. The game, the fun and the shouts of happiness it generates get heads turn toward the point of action. Craps is a straightforward game in which you throw a dice and guess the value of the outcome. Anyone without a good craps playing strategy is destined for defeat. Lacking these strategies does not need to be worrisome as they can be learnt even in this play guide. Read on.

Strategy 1: Considering House Edge When Playing Craps

A part of good craps strategy is to consider the house edge of the site you are going to play in. In craps, house edge can be very high. For instance, some craps bets can have an edge as high as 14%. Be sure to read a site’s craps strategy before playing as this will help you stick to profitable bets with low house edges, and thereby helping you minimise your losses.

Strategy 2: The Use of Classic Regression In Craps

Another effective strategy for craps is the use of classic regression. In this strategy, you wait for the shooter to establish his point before you place your bet. After the point has been determined, you may place two units for a total wager. You may then ask the dealer to scale down on both units. Considering this strategy will help you earn profit on one hit. You are able to down your wages with the first hit.

live casinos craps casino tips

Strategy 3: Winning With A Rolled Number Other Than Seven

“Anything but seven” is also a decisive strategy in craps. In this strategy, you wait for the shooter to set his point before you place your points. After this, you then place two units before placing a single unit on the field. The crux of this strategy is that an average shooter will roll the dice about four to six times, before throwing a seven. Your goal is, therefore, to win with any rolled number other than seven.

Strategy 4: Choosing The Best Wagers As A Craps Strategy

Another important craps rules strategy is picking suitable wagers. When playing at casinos, you should be comfortable with come, pass and free odd wagers. Placing 6 and 8, pass, come, don’t pass, don’t come and free odds are the only good wagers. When starting, it is advisable to limit yourself to a come wager (or two) and the pass line. The come wager should be with odds. This is especially a craps strategy for beginners.

Strategy 5: Picking A Craps Game Which Best Suits You

As a player, it is important that you choose a particular mode which best suits you. There are certain aspects in online craps casinos which appeal to online craps fanatics. Playing in the comfort of one’s home may be one of these aspects. The converse is also true that there are aspects of offline craps which persuade its fanatics of there being no alternative which can hold a candle to live craps. A touch with reality and socialising may inform the preference for live craps. Make up your mind.

Familiarise Yourself With Best Craps Tips To Help You Win

It is therefore clear that one does not need to have any misgivings in himself when considering, acquainting himself with craps or when intending to play craps to win. This confidence is informed by the reality of helpful and verifiable tips such as the ones that have been hitherto shared. By taking heed to these tips, we can easily learn to play craps and master craps rules and strategies to help us win in the game.

Craps Tips

Craps casino tips are all about strategies and limiting the losses. The most important thing to do is to limit the money you could lose as craps is a game of dice. Say your budget for losing is 300 Punds, then you should exit the game after losing the amount. If you win then keep the won money away and play with the minimum loss money.

Tip 1: Know The Rules

You should always give live dealer tips and make him/her friendly. They are instrumental in letting you know the rules of the game. Knowing the rules is critical to the game craps. A slight difference in the rules may be the difference between a win and a loss. You should read an online tutorial on how to play craps to know the general rules, in order to play like a professional.

Tip 2: Play In The Casino With Best Welcome Bonus

One of the Craps gambling tips is to choose the casino with the best welcome bonus. The welcome bonus will make your purse heavier, and you will play longer. This means the odds of winning also increase. For instance, there are two casinos offering 25 Pounds and 30 Pounds as a welcome bonus. You should always choose the one with the better bonus. The reason is simple, more money in your purse means more fun.

Tip 3: Keep A Track Of The Rolling Dice

Craps is ruled by the rolling dice. Whatever is said about the dices giving random results, is nothing but a lie. One of the most popular craps playing tips is to note down the history of the rolling dice. Invariably, every dice has the habit of rolling a number more number of times. This may be due to many factors, but you do not have to worry about them. Just keep a track, and bet on the most probable numbers.

live casinos craps playing tips

Tip 4: Assess The Table Before Playing

Craps tips and tricks which include craps tips to win includes assessing the table on which you are going to play. First, you should find the player who is winning the most and follow him. You should never pay attention to dealers’ appeal in Live dealers game. A dealer will always make the house win. Select the table that suits your style of play. High rollers will play bets with Odds and players playing with less risk play on a lower table.

Tip 5: Bet On 6 And 8 To Win

One of the most popular tips for craps is to bet on 6 and 8 and put your chips on both. This is one of the most successful tips winning craps table and introducing new players to the live casino scene. The bet is simple, either 6 or 8 should be rolled before 7 and you will win. For increasing the chances you can also put a place bet on the number 6.

Winning Tips And Strategies Help To Win Craps And It Is A Fact

Many of the reviews of Craps will tell you that you cannot control the dice and hence there is no foolproof tip. Yes, this is definitely true, but that does not mean that strategies do not work. The five strategies mentioned above are tips that should keep you from losing heavy. The tips are based on the way the game is played and winning is not just a chance but can be planned.