Extreme Live Gaming Software & Slots Review

Extreme Live Gaming was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing online casino fans with an array of unique live dealer experiences on the web. Extreme Live Gaming intended to achieve this feat by placing the player right at the heart of every gaming session. Accessing Extreme Live Gaming is easy as just typing the words, ‘extreme gaming live casino’ in his search engine and searching the hit lists that best match the words, ‘Extreme Gaming’ or ‘Extreme Live Gaming’. The company was integrated in the Novamatic Group in 2014. The company delivers world-class gaming experiences with high levels of entertainment and competition by working hand-in-hand with Novamatic UK. Partly, Extreme Gaming has achieved this feat by using the X-Mode feature.

Extreme Gaming Live Casino

Extreme Gaming also offers players with the chance to play and explore the games offered in extreme gaming online casino. As a live dealer casino, Extreme Gaming provides its players with an unparalleled mix of superior state-of-the-art technology and exciting gaming experiences. Of course, this company is able to pull this feat through the aid of its professional team of live dealers. These live dealers ensure that Extreme games are secure and punctuated with reliable customer systems and services. The company has also been able to provide its players with fun and thrilling experience to the point of satisfaction by using its portable platform to deliver an intuitive and innovative gaming systems and platforms from tablets and smartphones.

Golden Ball Game Play

One of the popular and exciting games offered and supported by Extreme Gaming is Golden Ball GamePlay. As a live dealer casino, the Golden Ball GamePlay is a variant of Live Roulette. To win in it, you ought to be having the highest total number of bets for 20 games. One of the advantages of dealing in the Golden Ball GamePlay is that its operators can give players a prize. The prize may be a set percentage or amount of the player’s wager. One player activates the Golden Ball button, before instructing the croupier to spin the ball, upon the commencement of the game.

There are other well-placed reasons why Golden Ball GamePlay continues to immensely and positively feature in the extreme gaming casino review. Apart from the reasons advanced above, Golden Ball GamePlay pays attention to good values such as transparency. For instance, dealers always announce the winning number as the player wins his bonus, after the croupier has spun the ball. The amount or kind of bonus that the player wins is not based on whims but on the previously set payout rules. Not only can more tips be found on the Golden Ball’s side panel, but this game specifically comes with a very attractive jackpot also.

RA Roulette

Otherwise, known as Book of RA Roulette, RA Roulette is one of the most popular live games supported by the Extreme Gaming software. RA Roulette is a variant of live roulette and subscribes to European Roulette rules. What makes RA Roulette stand out from the crowd is its side bet. Accessing this game is easy, since you can just type the words, ‘play live casino online’ and choose hit lists that are closer to mentioning its name. To play this game well, you need to be abreast with the rules of Live European Roulette. The import of this is that a player can place a split, straight up, corner, neighbour, chance, dozen or corner bet.

Again, it is important to appreciate the fact that RA Roulette continues to be unique in UK casino sites because of its 1-reel slot which is always on the right hand of the screen, clearly displayed. The player can then bet on several symbols that are in the Book of Ra slot. Every individual symbol possesses its own housing edge and different chances of being hit. For instance, the chances of hitting the K and Q symbols are 1:1 and 3:1, respectively. The chances of hitting the K and Q’s house edge are 10.16 and 12.40 per cent, respectively. In total, RA Roulette slot has seven symbols.

Dolphin’s Roulette

Also known as Dolphin’s Pearl, Dolphin’s Roulette is one of the most popular live casino games. Dolphin’s Roulette is a Novomotic-enabled video slot that has become so popular that it has its own deluxe version. This deluxe version has 10 pay-lines and 5 reels. Dolphin’s video slots take its players deep into the ocean. As for incentives, Dolphin Roulette comes with 3x multipliers and 15 free spins. Extreme Live Gaming’s Dolphin Roulette totally conforms to the pattern in the underwater Dolphin’s Pearl slot, and is modeled after this same design. The game has a 1-reel slot which follows the standard European roulette rules.

Dolphin’s Pearl has a roulette wheel, a live dealer, a betting layout and a side slot game. The roulette also has other useful game statistics on its right hand side. These game statistics can greatly help the player make critical betting decisions. Dolphin’s Pearl has a single zero and conforms to European Roulette rules. A player picks a chip size spin before placing different types of bets such as even-odds or red-black. The player can then bet on a dozen or a column. The player’s bet is entirely informed by his discretion and the bets he has.

Why Extreme Gaming Is the Best Choice

There is no denying that the mobile, online and live gaming industry provides players with an array of choices to pick from. Be that as it may, despite the myriad of options that the player is to potentially pick from, there are well-founded reasons behind Extreme Gaming being your best choice. The world-class competition and entertainment experiences, the X-mode feature, an unparalleled touch of state-of-the-art technology, exciting gaming experiences, a team of professional live dealers and a portable platform are some of the reasons behind Extreme Gaming’s prominence. Extreme Gaming also hosts unique games such as Dolphin’s Roulette, Golden Ball GamePlay, Sizzling Hot Roulette and Lucky Lady’s Roulette, among others.

It is clear that there are many pros which inform the need to prefer Extreme Gaming to any other option. The pros for choosing Extreme Gaming far outweigh the cons. Extreme Gaming owns unique and exciting games such as Golden Ball GamePlay, Dolphin’s Roulette, Sizzling Hot Roulette and Lucky Lady’s Roulette. Special features such as X-mode, an unmatched touch of state-of-the-art technology, a team of professional live dealers and a portable platform are some of the merits that warrant any serious player’s consideration of Extreme Gaming.