Live casino providers have been racing to bring the latest technology to the gaming industry. Fortunately, this has brought a lot of competition and strategic features to gaming sites. With so many options, players may need to do some research to sort out some of the similarities and differences between live gaming providers. Here, we will discuss the online features for live dealer and croupier casino games, leaving the slots reviews for another time. Users will be able to discover what makes certain sites more popular and if this is important for their chosen play. While the games are almost always the same, some sites do provide more game variations than others. It is paramount that users either carefully choose games they know or read the rules for new online games.

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We List The Best Live Casino Software Providers

Live dealer casino games are a way for online users to access a completely authentic version of a game. In the past, the online versions of casino games were completely animated. This often meant that players felt nervous about the quality and trustworthiness of the game because they couldn’t see the actual cards, dice or rolls. Of course, animated games are often highly regulated and just fine for small bet action, but VIP users felt the need for better options.

New live-stream technology allows gamblers to play live casino online. In some cases, games are broadcast from the actual casino floor allowing online gamers to participate in live action betting along with the gamers playing the live table in the casino. In other cases, the games are broadcast from within a casino but from a private studio. These games are dealt and played only for online users. Users should note that these games are subject to the same legal oversight as the live-action floor games.

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How Do We Test Live Dealer Casino Software?

Casino software developers focus on the user interface and users may prefer one site to the next. After all, the most important feature in gambling is the ability to make clean and confident bets. There are some common differences between sites. For example, the betting area for Roulette may overlay the table view at the bottom, side, or top of the screen and the colour styles will also vary. Certain gaming platforms will also allow a user to save common bet strategy, auto-bet, and so on.

A list of casino game providers generally will not list the various ease-of-play variations within each sites games. However, games research will discuss these features. That said, the best way to understand which platform you most prefer is to create an account and play. Most sites will allow for a few demo rounds or hands. Also, most sites feature affordable minimum levels for opening a live gaming account so users can test out games without going all in. Players should be sure to check the coin and chip minimums per game.

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What To Consider When Choosing Live Casino Platform Provider

Always be sure to select a truly certified online gaming operation which broadcasts their games from actual casino licensed areas. Malta has become a very popular hub for this because their casino strip is very clean and reputable while still holding somewhat reasonable minimum ante amounts. This allows the online casino provider companies to market live games from the casino floors to online players who are not high rollers. There are many other jurisdictions which also allow legal broadcasting of live table games.

All the talk of affordable gaming aside, it should also be noted that some live gaming providers have gone to great lengths to cater to the specific needs of VIP players. Certain sites go as far as offering VIP raffles, private tables, and live-streams from true VIP tables at elite casinos. It doesn’t stop there though. Select providers also feature personalized perks for their VIP clients such as meeting together at luxury casinos around the world or cruises. These player “development promotions” are attended by true high rollers with very large accounts.

History Of Live Casinos

The beginning of broadcast gambling was intranet-casino bingo and other similar games. The drawings ad picks were broadcast live throughout a casino letting players roam and play at the same time. The potential of this process was very clear and often discussed by gaming providers, but there were a number of legal and technological limitations preventing the expansion. Eventually, games such as Keno were bringing live gaming from privately monitored, on-casino studios to registered off-casino betting locations. A common application of this was off-track betting on dog and horse racing.

As technology improved, so did the number of games brought live to gamers. Small gaming locations were bringing more and more games and competing with state-run lotteries. However, it wasn’t until internet broadband brought high-quality services to homes that online gaming providers had finally reached their goal. By continuing to broadcast live from casino floors, the gaming process finally allowed users to legally access online gambling from homes in many countries and jurisdictions around the world. Th final step was the improvement of mobile devices, allowing gaming anytime, anywhere.

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Most Popular Online Live Casinos

The most popular online casinos, statistically, are not necessarily the largest by table options. Choice of games, number of tables, and number of hands or rolls per table all play a major role in marketing strategy for online providers. For example, if a table features live-action direct from the casino floor, it will probably roll 24/7. Meanwhile, a private studio table only for online gambling may have hours of operations because the costs of renting the room and equipment may not be worthwhile at certain times.

Another unpredictable aspect of discovering the most popular sites is the money versus players factor. A VIP site may not have nearly as many players but certain affiliate accounts may hold millions of USD. If you compare the VIP bankroll to penny ante sites which have huge amounts of active and inactive gamers, the money in play could go either way. While the industry definitely features major players for online casinos such as PokerStars, Mr Green, Full Tilt, and many others; the online gaming providers are much more difficult to predict in terms of money in play.

Where Are Live Casinos Studios Located?

Live-stream broadcasts come from legally registered gaming sites located within casino zones or actual casinos. Certain countries allow for zones to be widespread throughout a city. For example, Evolution Gaming comes live from Riga, Latvia studios located in a legal studio broadcast area. More commonly, though, table games are broadcast online from a casino floor or a private room in a casino. Italy and Malta are two very popular areas due to their clean and reputable reputation in combination with their affordable ante levels. This lets live games to broadcast from the casino floor. It also allows the company some oversite because the broadcast location is close to the jurisdiction of their home office location which is often on Malta.