Microgaming Software Review

The multi-award winning Microgaming company is among the forefathers of online gaming. Microgaming was established all the way back in 1994 with its headquarters in the Isle of Man. Since then the company has been behind some of the most successful online games. The noteworthy software provider now moved from the basic online games to an array of live games. Microgaming live casino is available for play from a horde of casinos from all around the globe. The company’s main focus in the live games has been having a blend of games that are attractive and unique and at the same time very easy to control and play. Owing to the company’s strive for perfection, the live games are ever on the developers work desks giving players constant new features.

Microgaming Live casino

The creation of the live dealer casino began years ago and the initial live game that was accessible digitally was baccarat. From then on there has been a smooth entry of other live games such as live blackjack and roulette.The Microgaming online casino develops games that are compatible with both mobile and desktop devices. In 2001 Microgaming was awarded the ” Best Software Provider” year award by CasinoMeister. This, among other awards, seems to have been a motivator to the more sophisticated game it has released ever since. All of its games including the live games are now a benchmark in the gaming industry.

Live Roulette

The roulette game in Microgaming’s live dealer casino is a European-style designed table that has a single green number. The game has quite a defined organization featuring a wheel which has its own close-up camera. The camera’s function is to ensure that players are able to see the ball’s movement around the wheel and how the final result comes up. The game’s results sync up really fast to the main table so players can check the payouts they seek rather easily. Players also get to keep track of their staking history as they play on the playcheck option at the bottom of their screen. To play the game, you only need to make a deposit and go right ahead.

In 2009, the Microgaming live roulette saw an upgrade. The rules and payouts of the game stayed the same, however, players were exposed to a newly enhanced interface. The upgraded live roulette version includes a multiple live game feature. The feature allows players to engage in multiple live games simultaneously. The already good video quality was bettered even more. The other alteration made was to the browser play. Players can now play roulette live without having to download any special software. The enhancements were quite a big deal in making the gameplay feel even more real.

Live Blackjack

The initial baccarat setup of the game used a standard setup containing seven seats and a relaxed organization which blends with the game’s rules. The casino also ensured that the cards are very easy to read and players are allocated enough time to decide and make particular bets. To give players an even better experience when they play live casino online, Microgaming enhanced the live baccarat game. The change was remarkable and changed the whole feel of the game, from the video quality to even the graphics, including a change of backdrop. The major changes were however in the playing features.

Players gave a warm reception to the changes in live blackjack, with the game hitting some of the largest player numbers in UK casino sites. The enhancement included variant video options, players can now detach and enlarge the video, this is among six video settings players can make including changing the whole game view. With the new developments, players could now play several games at the same time. The changes spilt over to even the sitting positions. Players can choose to play either as a seated player or bet behind a seated one, just like in a land-based casino

Live Baccarat

Microgaming offers two types of baccarat, the first is the multiplayer baccarat that is dealt from an 8 deck shoe with the banker, tie and player bets. The game also has lucky player side bets available. The second game is the dragon bonus baccarat also dealt from an 8 deck shoe. For both games, the payouts are standard, that is, 1:1 for player bets, 8: 1 fro tie bets and 1: 1 less 5% for the banker bets. Like all its other live casino games, the Microgaming live baccarat comes with the enhanced features like the ‘add table’ option to play many games simultaneously, detach video and even enlarging the video.

As expected from this company, it has gone a step ahead in the Microgaming live dealer variants, players can now play baccarat turbo. The baccarat turbo is not very different from the classic game, only for as the name implies, its speed. In baccarat turbo, the action in the game unfolds faster, by this, players are able to play much more hands than they would in the standard version over a given time frame. Its other advantage is that the bet limits are quite flexible suiting the needs of both mass players and high rollers

Microgaming Live Gaming In A Nutshell

Owing to the high demand for live games combined with Microgaming’s determination. The company has produced some of the best live casino games in the market. The Microgaming live baccarat especially has grown to be a player favourite due to many options and features. This does not exclude Microgaming live roulette, blackjack, Sic Bo and Hold’em which have also made quite a following.The software stands out with their playboy live casinos that feature female dealers who are dressed in the iconic player gear. The games are streamed from the Microgaming live studio casinos in Argentina, Canada, and the Philipines.

Microgaming remains one of the most sorted live game developers in the entire world, their games are available in over 100 online casinos in the industry. The casino has quite a simple and straightforward approach to the creation of their live games which has proven to be quite attractive to the flooded players in their live games. Their developments are simply mesmerizing and fans of this provider can always await goodies on their games. To crown it all is live dealers looking ravishing in playboy gear.