Neteller Online Casinos

Neteller is a web-oriented casino payment method that has been around for more than a decade. This reputable brand is common among Neteller live casinos across the globe as its customer base is spread in more than 200 countries. It is owned by the Paysafe Financial Services Limited, a subsidiary of Paysafe Group. As a casino payment method, gamblers can be sure of their security because it has complied with the Electronic Money regulations of 2011 which normally give a green light for effecting electronic money transactions. Most casinos have found this method a reliable one as transfers are cheaper while gamblers are subjected to easy accounting activation steps.

How To Register With Neteller

If you are an avid gambler with an eye on mobile (or online) casinos, Neteller will prove to be a friendly partner. Before opening an account for gambling purposes you need to check whether this method is acceptable by the cashier of respective casinos. If your casino accepts payments from this channel then you can proceed to open an account as follows. Visit the company’s website and click on the sign-in icon. This will lead you to an option for opening an account for free. Here, you will be required to key in your details. Once done with details, you will receive a secret ID and pin number all channelled to your registered email address.

Casinos Accepting Neteller Payments

  • 888 Casino
  • Grand Ivy Casino
  • Slot Magic Casino
  • Bet365 Vegas Casino
  • BetFair Casino

Advantages Of Using Neteller For Casino Payments

Casino lovers from across the globe have hailed Neteller because of its unmatched convenience. First, opening an account is absolutely free and it is an online process that comes with few bureaucratic procedures. You can download Neteller’s app into your mobile device and all your transactions are listed from the most recent while balances are updated in real time. This multi-faceted account can be accessed via a credit/debit card or even an e-wallet can be seamlessly connected to your gambling account. Once you’ve realised a win in your casino, bank transfers from your account are free.

Drawbacks Of Neteller Casino Payments

Well, everything that comes with advantages must have some drawbacks. However, Neteller comes with a number of benefits that far much outweigh the disadvantages. There are periodic withdrawal limits which normally may restrict you from cashing out all your winnings. In some countries, international money transfer regulations and gambling laws may be restrictive to the usage of this method. Some casino withdrawals may be subjected to commission deductions which could eat on your winnings. Also, for one to receive and withdraw cash, the account must be verified by way of submitting your scanned original ID.

Frequently Asked Questions About Neteller Casinos

How can I recover my lost Neteller account password?

Well, although all transactions are encrypted you can always be redirected on how to retrieve or change the Neteller password. Under the sign-in icon, there is the ‘forgotten password’ section in which you click and a recovery link is sent to your email address. Once you click on the link you will be asked some basic questions to ascertain whether you’re the real owner. If confirmed you will be allowed to change the password accordingly.

How much do I pay for a Neteller Account?

All Neteller accounts are absolutely for free. There are no middle-men and all you have to do is to interact with our website and open an account within few clicks. There are no monthly or even dormancy fees charged to your account. Money transfers to some banks are also processed free of charge. Also, transactions between Neteller’s accounts are free of any charge.

How do I verify my Account?

Neteller account verification is a simple process that is put in place to discourage accounts that may compromise on international money transfer standards. As such you’re required to verify your account so as to increase your transaction limits. First, you need to fund your account after which you will be asked to formulate security questions. You will also be required to send a scanned official ID.

How do I use Neteller Debit and Credit card?

Transactions via Neteller debit and credit cards are quite dynamic and accessible from a number of countries. If you log into your account, you will be required to enter your card number under the ‘Money In’ section. Here, you will be required to enter the deposit amount and the purpose, whether gambling or non-gambling. Click on ‘continue’ option and funds will be credited to your account within few seconds.

Neteller: A New Way To Casino Payments

Neteller is a reputable global money transfer brand. It takes pride in over a decade experience in the market. Account opening procedures are friendly with a handful of online steps to follow. In case of money transfer fees, offers are incredibly unique as you can enjoy free transfer to some specific banks. With a wide reach across the globe, many gambling sites have embraced it owing to financial security guarantees that come along