Playtech Slots and Software Review

Playtech is one of the software giants in the industry. The company was founded in 1999 and officially listed on the London stock exchange in 2006. The software provider has offices all around the globe with its main headquarters in the Isle of Man. It boasts of a staff of slightly under a thousand who are dedicated and trained to develop enticing new products every now and then. Their products range from land-based casino games, mobile casino and the latest product being the Playtech live casino. The live casino is intuitive and outstanding with a real casino ambience. From the quick video streaming, a full-screen mode to a great interface. The amount of work done in this sector is simply incredible.

Playtech Live casino

Playtech launched their live dealer casino in the beginning of 2009. Soon after, a horde of licensees had adopted this new platform, some even shifted from other sources like BetFred. The Playtech online casino live section uses the already intuitive game qualities and mixes them with a video stream of high quality from the dealer room in Riga, Latvia. The studio has European dealers, which is a change from the former Asian studio they used. The number of tables and dealers available 24/7 is quite impressive. The live casino hosts a variety of live games that experience improvements every now and then.

Live Baccarat

The Playtech live dealer casino hosts a live Baccarat that is dealt with an 8 deck shoe. The current baccarat is an improvement from the original that was launched in their first Asian studio meaning that it is an improvement from an already outstanding product resulting in perfection. The video vision was enhanced to a new stronger HD quality. A huge chunk of the previous interface was however retained since to be fair it was already good enough. The dealers also remained as beautiful as ever, the major changes were to the graphics and screen quality. At the bottom of the screen, players are able to monitor their betting history which is quite important in managing bankroll.

The betting options are quite standard. The player is (1: 1), Tie ( 8: 1), banker is (1: 1) minus 5% vigorish. Player side bets include (11: 1) for player pair, (11: 1) for banker pair and 5: 1 for either pair. In total six or five cards are dealt (0.54: 1) in the big side bet, 4 cards (1: 5: 1) are dealt in a small side bet. The game has a chat feature where its players can talk directly with the dealer and this is inclusive of audio responses. Playtech has created it in a browser format so players do not have to download an app to play.

Live blackjack

The Playtech blackjack also experienced an upgrade with the rest to enhance the player experience when they play live casino online. The game features 8 decks and the dealer shuffles after 4, approximately. The blackjack pays (3: 2) and the dealers stand on a hard and soft 17. Players can double after a split, split and re-split aces and double after any two cards, however, players can not hit split aces. Player side bets are also available. Game rules did not change after the upgrade and neither did the rules, the significant enhancements were on the live site studio and on technology.

The Playtech Live casino has been on the most played list of UK casino sites for a couple of reasons. First, there is a multi-play option where players play at the same table with other online players, there are also multi video options in HD quality. During the game, players can directly chat with the other players on the table and with the dealer. The time between deals, that is, fifteen seconds is enough for players to think and decide on their stakes. Beyond this, the game is aesthetically pleasing and online players can access live gaming with a number of dealers available any time around the clock

Live Roulette

The change and updates in the live casino games spilt all the way to even the live roulette. The general changes as per the other games like video quality and the studio overhaul, of course, had a positive impact on this game. The rules remain unchanged and players can access European, American and French roulette live. The payouts are standard, however, the French variant that was not available 24/7 is now available around the clock. This was essential since the French variant is a player favourite due to the la partage rule that dictates players lose only half even when the result of the spin is zero.

Roulette players at Playtech live dealer casinos also enjoy chatting with their dealers in a crystal clear audio during the game. Players can play many tables via the multiple play option and can even launch a raceattack for the neighbour bets. Roulette is accessible in the Adobe flash menu so players do not have to download. The game has been created compatible with even an iPad though this is dependent on the online casino you choose to play on. There is a 30 seconds pause between each spin to give the player time to decide

Playtech Live Casino In General

The Playtech live casino list consists of a production of an authentic gaming experience on each variant. The wide array of dealers is very beneficial since they include native speakers of several languages to allow them to hos tables for all sorts of speakers from around the world. The Playtech live roulette for one is on the verge of being the leading live game on the most played list. The company is definitely giving its rivals a reason to upgrade and players remain loyal and grateful for the recent updates.

Since the launch of the Playtech live dealer, the masterminds behind the creations have set their goals on developing the ultimate real casino experience for players to enjoy in the comfort of their homes. To date, the company is among the leading software providers whose games can be accessed on literally any device, from mobile devices like tablets and Android and iOS smartphones to desktops, a full solution to your gaming requirements. This is why Playtech remains one of the most sort software provider.