Online live poker casino has increased the reach of one of the most popular table games of the brick and mortar casino. In Live poker play, the most played game is the three card poker. This version of the game is highly sought-after in the online version and also in the version played with a live dealer. The reason for the popularity is the novelty this game brings to the table.

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The Versions Of Poker Online

With the technology making it possible to get continuous internet, mobile live poker has become one of the most played live poker games. There are many versions of poker available online. One of them is Texas Hold Em version of the game. In this version, two cards are face down while 5 are in hand. Another version of poker which is very popular online is the five card draw. This is the simplest version and is mostly played by newbies for fun. The version of poker picking up on popularity charts is the 3 card poker, where you play only against the dealer. Other versions are Holdem, Omaha and much more.

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How To Play 3 Card Poker?

3 card poker is the most played version of Live poker UK. It comes only second to the old favourite live poker holdem and is expected to overhaul the ageing king. Reasons are the simplicity, as well as the excitement that the game offers. The player makes a bet, and the dealer then gives each player 3 cards to play with. The player can only see his/her own cards. They can either raise the bet or play along matching the bet by other players. If the dealer makes the move and fails to qualify, you win the ante bet. In case of dealer qualifying, your cards are pitted against that of the dealer.

When you play live poker online, you should employ certain poker strategies. The house edge on live poker real money is quite low at 3.3% and the reason more players are hooked to this version. The crucial strategy in this game is to bet based on the cards in hand. The bet should also be started carefully as the game naturally starts with the highest possible betting option. The strategy is to start small and slowly build up the game based on the cards in hand.

The Game Itself Is Simple And Slow

Playing at a casino which gives live poker bonus is the way to go in this game. Starting by watching live poker stream will give you an idea about the features of the game. The game starts with a bet being placed. It can be a simple bet or ante. In ante, you have to raise the bet in the next hand or you have to fold. After getting the cards you can raise the bet or fold to exit the game. The game pays the player in different ways. If you have a straight card or something better you will get an ante bonus even if the dealer has a better hand. The game is all about patience.

The Top Casino To Play 3 Card Poker

  • 888 Casino is the top ranked
  • Kaboo Casino is another market leader
  • Guts casino gives best payout
  • Ruby fortune has the best graphics

Frequently Asked Questions: Live Poker

What Is The Role Of Dealer In Live Poker?

The Live dealer poker online is actually a version of poker where you are playing against real people. The dealer is the representative of the casino playing on the table with the players. He/She deals the cards for the players and also for himself/herself. The competition in 3 card poker is always against the dealer and not against other players.

Is Mobile Live Poker Different From The Table Version?

Mobile live poker is not different from the 3 cards live poker played on the computer. It is, in fact, a version that is designed to suit the mobile devices. The fonts are bigger so that the player can easily see the information on their mobile screens. The rules of the game are the same and you are playing against the dealer.

Should I Download The Bet Live Poker App?

Bet live poker app is made for making the game easier to play on mobile devices. The app helps to keep the data of earlier games, the money won and also syncs the game every time you play. Downloading this game on your mobile device helps in playing the game live without worrying about logging in every time you play from the browser.

LivePoker Is Loved By All Kinds Of Players

Poker has always attracted players to the casinos in UK. The main reason was the high stakes and the excitement of winning. It is an addictive game and the base of gambling for many people. The online and live dealer versions have refreshed the game in an era where people have no time for visiting a physical casino. The game is even available on the mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android tablets and phones. It has helped the popularity of the game and more and more people are playing it.

Poker Online Guide

Live Poker, like all the popular games in the world, has a unique set of rules that shape its game-play format. Grasping them is a doorway to sharpening your skills in a quest to be a seasoned pro in live casino online action. Keep on reading this easy step by step tutorial to further enhance your skills and start competing with the best in no time.

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Step 1: Know The Opponents

The apex of any and every competition is to know who you are up against. In this case, the key opponent is the dealer, while the secondary opponent is any other player at the table. A dealer ‘plays’ or represents the casino in the game, and always has the upper hand even before a game begins. Now that you know the players, let’s discuss the essentials of how to win money on poker.

live casinos online poker rules

Step 2: Learn The Terminologies

To win online poker, it is vital to memorize the lingo for an easy following of the proceedings within the game. If a dealer and other players use a term that you do not understand, it becomes a setback in your quest to topple the odds in your favour. Take, for instance, an ‘ante’ which is the first bet in the game. Communication is, therefore, an integral part of poker.

Step 3: Know When To Fold Or Play The Hand

In Live Poker, the dealer issues 3 cards to each player at the table from a single deck of cards. An initial bet or ante is placed beforehand, and the dealer places your cards face up while the dealer’s 3 cards are all placed face down. There are 7 possible combinations that can ensure you win the game, with each having a different payout. Memorizing these 7 Live Poker tips helps you know when to either fold or play the hand.

Step 4: Possible Winning Combinations And Strategies

These 7 possible winning hand combos are a tried, tested, and proven Live Poker strategy with a success rate and adhere to the laid down online poker rules. They include getting a pair, high card, three of a kind, flush, straight, straight flush or royal flush. Each of them has a variant payout ratio and it is advisable for you to always find a table that fits your betting budget and your desired payout limit.

Step 5: Player Moves

In an online poker game, the ante is mandatory, then follows the dealing of the cards. If you fold, it is means you concede defeat, and the house wins. Playing the hand means that you have a good chance of winning, and as such, an equal bet to the ante must be made to proceed. Landing a straight flush where all your three cards are a set, you qualify for a bonus while if it’s a pair, you need to bet that it will hold.

A Summary Of Live Online Poker Strategy And Rules

Live online poker is growing its following because of the amount of money up for grab, how fun it is to play, and the variant winning combinations as well as many type of pokers (like video poker). For instance, the 6-card-bonus-bet, where combining 3 cards from both the dealer and player to find the best 5-card-poker-hand allows you to win based on the available odds, anywhere from 1000:1 for Royal Flush and 7:1 for a Straight Flush. As you can see, knowing the rules and strategy makes winning easier.

Poker Strategy

Casino floors have been offering card games such as Poker for a long time now, and these games have been carried forward to the iGaming industry as well. One of the most played versions is Live Poker which comes with a live dealer for that casino floor feel. But how do you play Poker and win? Here, you will get yourself a simple poker strategy to keep you ahead of the game.

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Strategy 1: Learn Poker Terms

Ever heard of the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”? Well, the same case applies to Poker. In order to keep up with a Poker strategy online, you must first understand the terminologies used. Words such as ‘Ante’ for an initial bet, ‘Fold’ for a forfeited game, ‘Hand’ for the cards dealt, and ‘House edge’ for the casino’s odds are just a few of those terms. But you should be well versed in all of them if you want to look like a Poker professional.

Strategy 2: Know The Table’s Bets

The traditional version of Three Card Poker offered a play bet as well as an ante, both of which were played against the dealer. Additionally, a pair plus side bet could also be placed. However, if you’re looking to use the best Live Poker strategy, you could try playing the new Six Card Bonus. Here, the dealer and player each give three of their cards to form the best five card hand possible to win.

Strategy 3: Know The Winning Hands

With any Live Poker game strategy, winning is the intended goal. For you to win though, there is the possibility of getting a few folds in first so as not to make any significant, unnecessary losses. A few winning hands to remember is that betting on Pair Plus results in a win if you get a flush, straight flush, a pair, three of a kind or a straight. Also, here, straights occur less than flushes, and therefore, they pay more.

live casinos best live poker strategy

Strategy 4: Know Your Limits

Any Live Poker strategy cash game requires you to know where to place most of your bet, and that is the Ante Play. This is low stakes Live Poker strategy to keep you within budget as this is where the house edge is at its lowest, resulting in better wins. You can also bet on the Pairs Plus, though this needs a bigger bankroll due to it better-winning odds and ultimate payout.

Strategy 5: Ante Play Strategy

Live Poker strategy videos will show you how to beat the dealer, and which hands are of importance. If yours and the dealer’s highest cards are the same, the second highest card will break the tie. If your second-highest and highest cards are similar, the third highest card breaks the tie. And finally, if all three cards are same, then the hand is tied, and all bets made are therefore returned to you.

Conclusion On The Necessary Strategies To Win At Poker

With three card poker, you may be tempted not to concentrate, but that will be to your disadvantage. Just because it’s one of the easiest Poker games out there, doesn’t mean that a playing strategy isn’t necessary. Know your betting limits and also know when to raise, or when to fold. The game is loads of fun if played right.

Poker Tips

With the majority of live online casinos featuring card games such as live poker in their lineup, iGaming newbies are likely to wonder what all the hype is about this card game. This is because the returns from this casino game tend to be quite high if your strategy holds up. Read on and get up to date tips in poker playing and, in particular, Three Card Poker.

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Tip 1: Learn Poker Terminology

In order for you to even understand poker playing tips, you need to know the basic terminologies associated with the game.Read an extensive Poker Guide here or keep on reading for a shorter version. A few common terms to help you get started are such as ‘Ante’ bet, which is the very first bet placed on the game, a ‘Hand’ refers to the cards that each player has been dealt to play with and to ‘Fold’ means that a player has chosen to forfeit the game.

Tip 2: Types Of Winning Combos

Once you’re familiar with the common terminologies, it’s time to know which card combinations win. Generally, live game poker tips state that your card combinations must beat the dealer’s combo. However, there are combos that will get you a win regardless of the dealer’s hand. There are seven main winning combinations namely, a straight flush, a flush, three of a kind, a royal flush, a pair and a high card.

Tip 3: How To Play

Live poker tips and tricks assist you with the poker gameplay. You will be dealt three cards face up, and the dealer gets three cards face down form one card deck. The player can then either fold or, alternatively, play the hand. Playing the hand requires another bet equal to the ante bet, after which the cards are revealed and the best combo wins. If the dealer doesn’t have a Queen or Higher, all bets are reset.

live casinos tips in poker

Tip 4: Getting The Bonus Bet

Tips for live poker help you get the hang of how things are run at the table. Should you want bigger wins though, tips for playing live poker tournaments may come in handy. For instance, the Six Card Bonus Bet allows the dealer and player to each combine three of their cards to make the best 5 card combination possible. The payout odds may range from 7:1 to 1000:1 based on whether it’s three of a kind or a Royal Flush respectively.

Tip 5: Bet Within Your Budget

With any form of iGaming where real money bets are involved, it is essential for you the player to know what your betting limits are. Simply because a table offers potentially high returns doesn’t mean you should wager all your money on it. You need to pick a table that will not leave you in financial ruin should you not be able to beat the dealer in a given hand.

A Conclusion On The Tips On How To Play Live Poker

iGaming is a fast growing industry and all those interested in it want a piece of the action. For big wins, bigger games need to be played. In comes the card games such as live poker. It may seem difficult to play, but it’s not. With best online casinos guides such as this one, you can easily learn and play for big wins in record time. If you feel like this short version was just not deep enough read more about poker strategies.