Online live poker casino has increased the reach of one of the most popular table games of the brick and mortar casino. In Live poker play, the most played game is the three card poker. This version of the game is highly sought-after in the online version and also in the version played with a live dealer. The reason for the popularity is the novelty this game brings to the table.

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The Versions Of Poker Online

With the technology making it possible to get continuous internet, mobile live poker has become one of the most played live poker games. There are many versions of poker available online. One of them is Texas Hold Em version of the game. In this version, two cards are face down while 5 are in hand. Another version of poker which is very popular online is the five card draw. This is the simplest version and is mostly played by newbies for fun. The version of poker picking up on popularity charts is the 3 card poker, where you play only against the dealer. Other versions are Holdem, Omaha and much more.

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How To Play 3 Card Poker?

3 card poker is the most played version of Live poker UK. It comes only second to the old favourite live poker holdem and is expected to overhaul the ageing king. Reasons are the simplicity, as well as the excitement that the game offers. The player makes a bet, and the dealer then gives each player 3 cards to play with. The player can only see his/her own cards. They can either raise the bet or play along matching the bet by other players. If the dealer makes the move and fails to qualify, you win the ante bet. In case of dealer qualifying, your cards are pitted against that of the dealer.

When you play live poker online, you should employ certain poker strategies. The house edge on live poker real money is quite low at 3.3% and the reason more players are hooked to this version. The crucial strategy in this game is to bet based on the cards in hand. The bet should also be started carefully as the game naturally starts with the highest possible betting option. The strategy is to start small and slowly build up the game based on the cards in hand.

The Game Itself Is Simple And Slow

Playing at a casino which gives live poker bonus is the way to go in this game. Starting by watching live poker stream will give you an idea about the features of the game. The game starts with a bet being placed. It can be a simple bet or ante. In ante, you have to raise the bet in the next hand or you have to fold. After getting the cards you can raise the bet or fold to exit the game. The game pays the player in different ways. If you have a straight card or something better you will get an ante bonus even if the dealer has a better hand. The game is all about patience.

The Top Casino To Play 3 Card Poker

  • 888 Casino is the top ranked
  • Kaboo Casino is another market leader
  • Guts casino gives best payout
  • Ruby fortune has the best graphics

Frequently Asked Questions: Live Poker

What Is The Role Of Dealer In Live Poker?

The Live dealer poker online is actually a version of poker where you are playing against real people. The dealer is the representative of the casino playing on the table with the players. He/She deals the cards for the players and also for himself/herself. The competition in 3 card poker is always against the dealer and not against other players.

Is Mobile Live Poker Different From The Table Version?

Mobile live poker is not different from the 3 cards live poker played on the computer. It is, in fact, a version that is designed to suit the mobile devices. The fonts are bigger so that the player can easily see the information on their mobile screens. The rules of the game are the same and you are playing against the dealer.

Should I Download The Bet Live Poker App?

Bet live poker app is made for making the game easier to play on mobile devices. The app helps to keep the data of earlier games, the money won and also syncs the game every time you play. Downloading this game on your mobile device helps in playing the game live without worrying about logging in every time you play from the browser.

LivePoker Is Loved By All Kinds Of Players

Poker has always attracted players to the casinos in UK. The main reason was the high stakes and the excitement of winning. It is an addictive game and the base of gambling for many people. The online and live dealer versions have refreshed the game in an era where people have no time for visiting a physical casino. The game is even available on the mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android tablets and phones. It has helped the popularity of the game and more and more people are playing it.