Portomaso Gaming Casino Software Review

Portomaso Gaming Live casino provides a live gaming experience to Android and iOS users from dealer and croupier presented casino tables. Located nearby the famed Malta casino strip, the company provides three games; Blackjack, Roulette, and Punto Banco. Many of these games are provided via a live studio environment although all studios within a casino. Regardless, the company is well licensed in Malta and holds independent oversight certification as well. For sure, the calling card of this site is the Punto Banco feature games. While unpopular in the west, Punto Banco is perhaps the most popular live-action game in Macau and other Asian gaming centres. As Punto Banco requires no player interaction other than the betting, similar to Baccarat, the dealer and camera angle provide a very authentic Punto Banco experience.

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Portomaso Gaming Live Casino

Portomaso Gaming online casino chose to feature Punto Banco likely because it is not often featured, but wildly popular in Asia. That said, the live dealer casino version of Blackjack follows standard gaming rules, and the live croupier Roulette is done in a very traditional European style. The choice of games is very important for this company because it is a new company and still growing. It features only so many tables which means that each table must get high action to gain notoriety for the company. Fortunately, the company stuck to a very simple and no frills gaming platform for placing bets and lets the games do the talking.

Classic Roulette

Live dealer casino versions of Classic Roulette are much preferable to animate 3D versions. That said, the private studio version of Roulette provided by Portomaso Gaming does not feature live gambling action. These may leave some bettors wondering about the game’s authenticity, despite the companies numerous certificates and high level of professionalism. Of course, the game is simply a classic and well-played, clean version of casino-style Roulette under European rules. Users are free to bet re/black, even/odd, corners and squares. The company also offers the Hi Lo Roulette bet option which means that gamers can place bets on the above or below the last spin result.

The Roulette wheel spins in a private studio within either the Oracle or Portmaso casinos in Malta. The dealer operates solely for the live-streaming players while the table fills with electronically placed bets. As it is European style rules, Finales en Plein (when a player chooses to bet on the last digit of the result, such as 1 would bet on 1, 11, 21, 31) and Finales a Cheval (when the player chooses to bet on the last digit with two numbers, such as 4 and 7 would bet on 4, 7, 14, 17, 24, 27).

Punto Banco

Play live casino online and experience Asia’s most popular card-based game, Punto Banco. This version of Baccarat is uniquely well suited to online play because the punto (player) and the banco (dealer) are dealt automatically. There is no participation from the table other than the choice of initial bets after the first two cards are dealt. This logically means that the casino has no exact interest in which hand will win the round until the hand is dealt and the bets are placed. Therefore, users are free from any worries about the level of authenticity because the video product presented by Portomaso is very high quality.

UK casino sites don’t often feature Punto Banco despite its global popularity. Portomaso’s decision to feature the game gives the site a unique market segment and should serve the business well. With regards to quality, the dealers are experienced and well trained to play clean hands. Also, game descriptions are provided to players who aren’t familiar with the complicated dealing method which is used to decide which player is closer to 9 at the end of the hand. As the hand deals, the last digit of the sum total of the cards represents the number of the hand.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is perhaps the greatest of all online live casino games due to its balance of dealer and player interaction. The ongoing structured betting process allows for highly authentic experiences and use of proven strategies. The Portomaso version of the game is very classic and free from any frills or problems. The betting interface, located on the right side of the screen, is easy to follow and features a few design features for ease of online play. Users should note that these are completely private tables and recorded live from studios inside a casino. The site decided that they are not made available 24/7.

The game itself is very basic and classic. Users are dealt two cards and the dealer is also dealt two cards. If the player can beat the dealer by being closer to 21, or 21, the casino will double the chips on the table in winnings for the player. 10’s and face cards are worth 10 and numbers are their numbers. Aces can be either 11 or 1 and a black Jack and an ace is the highest possible hand. The standard version offered by Portomaso offers no wilds or alternative winning combos.

Play Live Punto Banco Online

As a smaller company, Portomaso Gaming has decided to offer two solid standard games of Roulette and Blackjack, and go for new audiences with well-dealt games of Punto Banco. All games are live-streamed from private studios on casino grounds in Malta and the company is certified by local and independent gaming boards. The dealers, croupiers, betting user face and technology are very strong and authentic. Online users are specifically serviced and the interface is very easy to understand. The site also provides a number of automated betting buttons and game descriptions.

While the absence of live betting action from the casino floor may put this company at a slight disadvantage compared to larger sites, the gaming services are clean and highly professional. Users are free from the distraction of a large casino floor. In all, while Portomaso is very good at what they offer, they do not provide anything other than standard dealer and croupier services online, via private studio. The truly unique draw to this site is the Punto Banco tables.