Xpro Gaming Live Casino Software

Xpro Gaming live casino is one of the latest live casino technologies. Xpro Gaming was designed to cater to the needs of white label entrepreneurs who intend to provide users with unparalleled live gaming experience and already existing operators. Casino operators have the capacity to accord avid players with emotional thrill when playing real casino in the comfort of the homes, through the use of Xpro Gaming platform. Xpro Gaming also prides itself in having a team of highly skilled IT experts and programmers who have successfully introduced newer technological advancements in order to bring about the most exciting and realistic casino games. Xpro Gaming has also brought about solid solutions to integrate its casino based platforms into the latest virtual platforms.

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Xpro Gaming Live casino

Because of the improvements that have been made in Xpro Gaming platforms, you can play any Xpro gaming online casino with much ease and derive the maximum thrill from the game. The same advancements have installed the reality of varieties in Xpro Gaming. For instance, from the Xpro Gaming package, you are able to choose whether you want a White Label casino or a stand-alone live casino platform. The same provision which Xpro Gaming has brought about enables the player to add a live gaming system to his already existing gaming site. It is for the same reasons that Xpro is rightly deemed the best live dealer casino with the fastest and the most manageable solution in the industry, presently.

Caribbean Poker Live!

One of the live dealer casino packages attributed to Xpro Gaming is Caribbean Poker Live! In fact, Caribbean Poker Live is one of the newest games in Xpro Gaming’s portfolio. Caribbean Poker Live is an American casino game wherein, the player plays against blank. The player’s bank and ante get five cards each. The player then decides whether he is going to call a bet, increase his stake by an amount that doubles his original ante or surrender. There are several categories in which payouts can be done. Some of them are Royal flush 100:1, four of a kind 20:1 and straight 4:1.

Caribbean Poker Live is also popular for several reasons. This game is power-packed with adrenalin-pumping suspense, intense poker-style action, optional jackpot side bets and extra bonuses. These characteristics are some of the reasons that make Caribbean Poker Live feature positively and prominently in Xpro Gaming casino review. Playing this game helps foster the player’s opportunity to win Progressive Jackpots with high prize values and lower levels that have been fixed to Jackpot prizes. In the Caribbean Poker Live, players are accorded with five cards to help them compete against dealers who must have a King and an Ace or something higher to qualify.

Dragon Roulette

Dragon Roulette is one of the most popular UK casino table games. Alongside the neighbouring racetrack, Dragon Roulette is played on normal roulette layout. There are 37 traditional compartments on a roulette wheel, though there is also an inner cone wherein is separate bearing track revolving in the opposite direction. The cone also has a ring with 8 dragon symbols that have been evenly spaced, 37 sections, 6 silver dragon symbols and 2 gold dragon symbols. To play this game online, click on the ‘play live casino online’ button, after betting on the regular roulette table. You will then be able to see the optional side bet for your chosen number.

There are other strong reasons behind Dragon Roulette being popular among UK casino sites. For instance, Dragon Roulette allows you to bet on bonus games without betting on the main game. This is an advantage, given that the odds are quite high and thereby giving the player a good winning streak when the player bets on the bonus game. As a player, this provision accords you with a fifty-fifty chance of participating in the bonus game. This provision, therefore, allows you to gain from very high odds. You can also a normal roulette game by betting on a small number of Dragon Bet positions.

Live Blackjack 4

Also known as the Super 4 Progressive, Live Blackjack 4 is one of the most loved live casino games. Live Blackjack 4 wager always records a win whenever the dealer’s “up card” turns out to be an Ace or whenever he gets blackjack. Any player making a Super 4 wager also receives an Envy Bonus if there is another player at the same table holding a Royal Flush. If the dealer happens to have blackjack, the dealer’s blackjack and the player’s two cards are put together so that we have a four card hand. You become a winner when you have combinations such as Two Pair, Straight, Royal Flush, Any Hand or Dealer Ace Up, among others.

Live Blackjack 4 continues to thrill those who love the touch of real casino experience, the companionship and input of a live dealer and playing at an actual blackjack table, more. Elements of socialisation such as eating, drinking and enjoying a luxurious suite are other reasons for this preference. Live Blackjack 4 also has a very high cashout speed. Live Blackjack 4 distances itself from its competitors who may also claim to have a high cashout speed by complementing its cashout speed with the enablement of the player to approach the cage, exchange his chips and begin spending.

Why Xpro Gaming Remains Highly Popular

It is clear that the reasons for choosing Xpro Gaming far outweigh those against. Xpro Gaming’s unique quality gaming experience and team of highly skilled programmers and IT experts who have actively heralded the newer technological advancements in live, mobile and online casino gaming are but a few of the reasons behind Xpro Gaming’s popularity and success. This means that Xpro Gaming has significantly contributed to the advent of highly exciting casino games and solid solutions which have helped integrate casino based platforms into the latest virtual ones. Topnotch games such as Live Blackjack 4, Dragon Roulette and Caribbean Poker Live are some of the feathers in Xpro Gaming’s cap.

No doubt, there are competitors who not only assay to provide Xpro Gaming’s services, but also offer other packages which Xpro Gaming does not. However, it is important to remember that Xpro Gaming also has its unique features such as a team of highly skilled IT experts and programmers, newer technological advancements, solid solutions that have helped integrate its casino based platforms into the latest virtual platforms and unique games such as Live Blackjack 4, Dragon Roulette and Caribbean Poker Live. Live Blackjack 4 has the highest cashout speed and allows players to exchange their chips and immediately begin spending.